Chapter 3

04:30 I was up and running I had just finished my jog I hit the shower had breakfast and I was ready to get to work.

I left my lonely and boring ass house and went to work when I arrived at work the place was empty as usual.

I entered my office; I had a 2 second heart attack when I saw hulk in my office.

"Shaka." I greet he turns around and smiles or mocks I'm not really sure myself.

" Agent Tee hey" I smile back and I sit comfortably in my chair.

"Shocking to see you can actually smile." I mock him as I take out my electronics

He fake laughs and I fake smile I knew Shaka and I getting along wouldn't last for too long.

I receive a message that Shaka and I have 20 minutes to ourselves we have something we have to attend to.

"Guess what?" He rolls his eyes and looks at me with lazy eyes "We've just been assigned our first task together but it's not that terrible to you can sit this one out." I inform him

He stands up and unbuttons the top 2 buttons of his shirt and he looks really powerful and sexy I won't even lie.

"Let's go torture some lame ass bastards." He says and my body has a quick rush and I chuckle and we walk together to the basement.

What we do here is a little outside of our country's law we torture people to talk we don't play this is serious and we can't be joking around with drug dealers pimps and rapists.

We deal with the bigger bosses that the police are unable to deal with they report to us and we take care of it.

In this specific case we have 2 guys who have been helping out a Huge Pimp the prostitution rate is getting higher and higher so it is getting really frustrating for us as a company and as a country.

Shaka and I got inside the room wearing our uniform which we wear when we go to missions.

We both wear angry and cold faces and the moment I see one of the guys my blood boils he used to work for the company and he got fired for almost leaking information and the moment I saw I him I ran over to him and I strangled him. I could have died because of this idiot he almost ruined me.

"It's you again" I speak through gritted teeth. Shaka runs to me and pulls me back and quietly tells me to calm down

I groan Luke chokes just a little and coughs.

"So gentlemen we'll make this quick we don't want the lady shooting your balls or do we now?" Shaka speaks calmly but a calm that could scare anyone I have to admit he is quite intimidating at times.

The one next to Luke shivers but Luke seems quite okay and he isn't shaken at all.

"Talk" I instruct

Luke chuckles which pisses me off I take the gun from my partners hand and I point it straight to Luke.

He doesn't seem to the least bit frightened

I shoot him on his right thigh "Don't fuck with me I'll kill you a slow and painful death." I threaten I don't have the time to be playing games.

"Ah shit!" He screams and moans at the pain of the gunshot.

I strangle him "You know me you know I don't fuck around so don't even test me I see you've grown some balls." I release my hand from his neck when I see his eyes pop out and he coughs even louder.

I press my heavy and hard boot on his wound and he flinches "Trying to make yourself seem like a real man in front of your shitty friend won't help you don't forget who I am I'll make your life a living hell." I scoff.

I move away from him and join my partner; another agent enters the room to tell Shaka something and after they finish talking I call him.

"Make sure they are separated they think they are on fucken vacation or something" I click my tongue and on my way out of the room I bang the door.

I've dealt with people who are much more serious than them so two errand boys don't scare me not even one bit.

I headed over to my office and starting reading through a case that we have to attend and after about 10 minutes in my reading Shaka entered the office

He leaned by the door with a smirk on his face. He began clapping his hands in a slow motion "Thando Mntungwa the meanie" he says as though he were praising me. I look up at him and he looks so amused. "The Merciless Queen I'm not surprised why they call you that. I'm impressed" he smiles and I chuckle softly and he leaves the office and I get on working.

After a few minutes he comes back in and we start working.

"Since we'll be working together for a while I need us to work together in peace and in order to do that we'll need to draft something..." He stares at me with a confused face and he cuts me off

"I'm sorry to cut you off I don't mean to be rude but instead of drafting up plans and rules why don't we just agree to work in peace and order?" He suggests

"What if someone breaks the rules or we end up fighting I mean that will cause chaos"

He somehow convinces me to try out things his way I think it's his beautiful chocolate skin and I'm a girl who likes her chocolate... But not when it is Mlungisi I just can't with him he drives me insane honestly and not in a positive way or maybe I am fooling myself.

"No more fighting from now on Mr Ntsangase" he gives me a funny look "Shaka I'm super serious here." I remind him and he laughs and agrees. I'm so glad we're finally on the same page.

We hear a knock at the office door and we both half shout. "Enter" at the same time.

Our program manager comes in the room with a serious face and I can instantly sense that something is out of place he greets us and we all take a seat.

The tension is there I'm already panicking and I don't even know what is actually going on.

"Guys it's bad it's critical. So two of our agents on the Devil's case have been captured and we scared that one might break so we need to figure out a plan to save them." His body language is stiff his tone is serious and in the exact moment I feel my heart stop for a few seconds.

"Devils deal? I haven't been informed about that one." Shaka comments

"The most dangerous fraudster and drug dealer in Africa even Columbian drug dealers worship the floor he walks on." I try my best to stress this I need him to realise how terrible this is I can't have this guy knowing my family or who I actually am.

"Wait is this Dr Biyase the 'Golden Bean'?" He asks but at the same time he is deep in thought.

Mr Jonas and I nod and we all try brainstorming.

"This is bullshit he can't and won't do this again. We're taking him down and this is how..." He speaks with power and surety and at that exact moment I felt proud and grateful to have him as my partner.
"This needs to be inspected thoroughly and we need to figure out a game plan. We can't let him continue like this; we'll get all our best stuff on this." Jonas speaks the last time I dealt with the Devil I almost lost my life and my family almost lost Thato and I.

"Current location is Calabasas which is very far so we need to go there with a full plan and well prepared this is no joke. We have to defeat him." He reminds us I'm sick of being reminded it is not easy to just forget that your life is in danger.

We gathered up a meeting with only our best staff and we began figuring out a game plan.

"You will find an agent there and he is one of us his name is Shongwe agent 1355 and you guys will work together." Jonas informs us

I'm tired of having all these new partners this is just way too much and I'm sure Amahle and my mother will definitely disagree to me going ahead of this but there's nothing I can do I'm tired of people ruining young lives.

I want to be the one who puts a bullet through his skull I want to make sure he dies a slow and painful death.

"Are you guys up for it Shaka you're new here so I understand if you wouldn't want to risk your life in that manner" Our commander says to us

"Get me a flight ticket and a date and I'm out of this country I'm tired of Biyase I'm tired of Biyase he'll eat his own shit because of me." I angrily speak through my teeth and I stand up.

"I'm with Tee on this one get our information in order and that should take approximately two days mind you today is included we are ready for this fight." He looks over and me and I nod. We both leave the boardroom together and head back to our office.

As soon as we get to the office he sits down and buries his face in his hands and lets out a heavy breath.

"Shaka..." He looks at me "Which part of this is bothering you you know you can back out and one is going hate you or hold that against you" I reassure him.

It wouldn't be fair if he did something that his heart is against or maybe his wife oh shit this guy just might have a wife what do I say to that I'm kind of worried now could I be attracted to a married man?

"My son one thing I know for sure is that after this war erupts it's either his people or our people die and I don't want to make him an orphan" the pain is evident in his eyes I would have never imagined him as a father

"Son?" I repeat in awe now I'm sure he has either a wife fiancé or girlfriend anyways I don't mix business and pleasure.

He just looks over at me and looks down again. "It's okay I didn't expect a non-parent to understand." He shakes his head and continues to mind his thoughts

"Mlungisi listen I may not understand what it is like to be a parent but I understand the responsibility of someone depending on you I know it's not easy trust me." I know I sound dumb but I do understand a little bit of what he is going through

"I don't know how I'll tell him that I'm leaving once again and this time I might not come back" and my heart aches on his behalf being a parent is honestly hard being selfish is never an option.

"We will come back okay; we might not necessarily get along but we are a stronger force together." He slowly chuckles and he rubs his hands together "We'll defeat him" I smile and nod we shake hands and we left the office and went to face reality.

I call one of the other agents into my office

He knocks and I instruct that he sit down "We're going to have to play dirty now." I inform him.

He looks at me with a confused look "Please do elaborate" he says me and I nod and begin to explain things to him.

"Agent 2284 and I are leaving in about a day or two so before we do that we need to make sure that everything is in order." He nods and lets me continue "So those two idiots have to be separated because they are going to cause a lot of trouble for you guys if they are left together."

"They have been split up already and I'll make surethat everything is order. I'll take care of the case" he informs me. "So listen Agent 2284 and I will decide who takes over but if you think you're ready then I just must consider it." I tell him

I stand up and leave the office and he knows better than to just remain in my office.

I go to the dungeon and in one of the rooms there I find Luke inside looking dirty and hopeless just how I want him.

I take the extra chair and I sit right in front of him and he looks at me with pure disgust and the expression on my face matches his.

"I hate you" he shouts and I strangle him "Watch your words you know me Luke I'll kill you a slow painful death and you wouldn't want me to do the same to your trashy girlfriend now do we?"

Well I'd actually never do that but I just have to scare him a little and it works because I can see his reaction he instantly tenses up.

"So from now on respect every agent that is addressing you because I can make everything in your life stop in a split second." I slyly smile and I see the anger his eyes but he agrees anyway.

I leave the room and go to make sure that everything for our trip is in order.

They have made our new ID's Visa's and everything that we will need "Thanks Thami I appreciate it." I tell our travel agent

"I just need to get your jet in order" he informs me and on my way out I bump into Shaka
"Ow sorry I didn't see you there but I was looking for you" I smile and I nod "Ow yeah what do you need?" I ask him with my brows slightly shifted.

He gently pulls me aside and leads the way to our office
"I wanted to talk to you about something really important" I worry for a moment and start to think that he has backed out of the mission and that now I'll have to go on this mission alone.

"I told you that I don't know how to tell my baby boy about this whole thing so; I was hoping that you'll be there so they know who I'll be with for months being away from home." I smile saying that I'm not flattered would be a massive lie.

"Yeah sure I think that's a good idea why don't we just let both our families meet and we can just tell them together." I sigh and he nods "Good idea we can invite them to my house if that's okay with you." Oh heck yeah that is just perfect chance to know where he lives.

Oh my goodness right now I sound like I am a high-risk stalker.

"No problem just send me your location please" he nods and he stands up with a smile on his face "So Ntsangase will your wife be there as well?" Thando uthanda izindaba I think to myself.

"Heh Tee my wife?" He questions me he chuckles and leaves the room.

Argh stupid Shaka I thought he'd give me some information.

I took my laptop and sent emails to my siblings mother and closest friends meaning Mahle and Tash.

We begin making calls to our connections in Calabasas to get us the best weapons for the war that will take place in a month or so.

"Agent Mntungwa and Agent Ntsangase you guys have been called to Mr Jonas's office." I'm actually tired of seeing this man's face we get up and head to his office.

We greet and take our seats and let him do what he does best and that is to talk.

"Guys so your cover has been decided you are now Mr and Mrs Long Agent'C10 you are now Retha Long and Agent2284 you are Senzo Long you guys have been traveling for years and have only been legally married for 6 months and you are now moving to Calabasas to avoid family drama" married ow wow

"Married not even siblings?" I ask him he shakes his head no
"Marriage is perfect these men take married men seriously."

"Sorry these men? What about the females?" I angrily question him
"Yeah men" he doesn't see a problem with what he just fucken said

"Nah man that's coming off as sexist so please rephrase." Shaka stands by me "I don't get why you're getting so worked up over this Thando it's just me saying what I know and what is" Jonas says in a fucken attitude

"Ohh really so you'd think it's okay if I were to make stupid jokes or mean comments about guys like you who have small dicks"
His eyes popped up and he kept shifting on his stool he may be my boss but he knows he needs me more than I need him and that I don't fear him.

"Argh this is annoying me already the way you're so sexist it disgusts me it makes me feel nauseous just to look at you" I click my tongue and I leave the office and the HQ building.

I will not just sit there and let a coward ass man talk down on women. Like does he understand the sacrifices that women make he doesn't have the balls to stand up for himself to people like Shaka but he is able to try and mess with me oh boy oh boy did he make a huge mistake.

I wish I could just slap every man or person who puts down the female gender because wow we are the shit we are life.


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