Chapter 2

A week later

Well that day we almost lost Thato it was a horrifying day; one of the worst days of my life I was truly wrecked but now he is doing better and he is in recovery he has bed rest for about 3 weeks or more depending on how fast he heals.

I'm back at work I was given 2 weeks to rest and get over the trauma but I've seen worse and after 2 days of being home I went back to work I just couldn't deal with how depressing and sad it was. I truly hated it.

Mahle was already tired of Thato and I so when I said I wanted to go back to work she was ecstatic she couldn't wait to deal with just one of us ha-ha my poor sister.

Back to work...

"Agent C10 you've been summoned to the commander's office" I nod in agreement and she leaves. I know he is about to upset me and I'm very ready for him. I take my phone and walk into his office and greet and next to him is hot dark tall and well-built sexy gentleman.
I find myself drooling at this sexy man gosh being me is so sad I need to find myself a serious boyfriend or something.

"Ms Mntungwa this is Mr Ntangase" we both shake each other's hand and we focus on what he is saying
"He is going to be your new partners we have so..." I cut him off

"Partner? I've got a partner; Agent 1735 is my partner " I remind him
"I know but in his absence Mr Ntangase will be your right-hand man he is Agent 2284. I have a meeting that I have to hurry to I'll talk to you later I hope you guys get along well" he smiles jollily and I groan out of annoyance. I walk over to my office and he follows me

"I'm Mlungisi Ntangase your new partner but you call me Shaka." I smile at him and he smiles back.

"I'm Thando Mntungwa and you can call Thando or Agent C10... I don't mean to be rude Shaka but I have a partner already he'll be back in no time so do not bother getting comfortable around here" I say in a sassy attitude

"You think I don't know that; I actually have a brain and I actually read and I actually heard you the first time." He says with a firm voice the annoyance in his voice is clear. "I just wanted you to know that you're not really needed here I can manage until 1735 comes back." I say once again with a sassy attitude and I know that I sound like a broken record but I have to make it clear. He is getting infuriated; he rubs his jaw line gently. He rolls his eyes and stares right at me.

"Aw... ungakhe uphide ukulume nami kajalo angisiyena umgan wakho siyezwana"
(Don't you ever speak to me in that regard I'm not your friend)
He is a Zulu Guy... Shaka Zulu ngempela!

I stared at him and rolled my eyes he truly left me speechless I sat down and opened my laptop.

"And don't you ever speak to any woman in that regard." I warn him with an angry voice I do not appreciate men who bring down women or who talk to woman as though they are nothing." I click my tongue; I might have been a little extra but his tone was uncalled for.

He simply keeps quiet and he sits down on Thato's chair and concentrates on whatever his doing.

He is an asshole tell me why I'm not surprised all the guys which I find good looking or handsome are always disappointing; I mean look at Ntsangase he is a sexy handsome successful young black man but his attitude is disgusting absolutely atrocious.

He keeps stealing glances at me which I find funny in a bad way. I don't think a gun can kill me but he will.

I wonder how this 'partnership' of ours will go.

"Let's get to work then Agent Tee." Eh now I'm Agent Tee I swear this guy is out of his damn mind.

"We can do that tomorrow Shaka I've got somewhere to be." I rudely say as I pack my bags and leave the Head Quarters

I entered my car and drove off to the hospital to see Thato I miss him already my dear brother.

For someone who has been shot several times and has almost seen death about a million times he is acting like such a baby even Amahle is complaining and knowing Amhle she never shuts up.

I arrive at the hospital and I just entered Thato's room and he is there with his doctor Dr.Simelane

"Thando hey." Dr. S greets me and we share a hug
"Sanele aren't you tired of this cry baby?" I tease Thato and he frowns and both Sanele and I laugh at him.

I have a small talk with Dr. S before she heads out.

"I miss you and Mahle already I really can't stand this place any longer; I mean I also miss work" he starts complaining as always

Mahle joined us as soon as she knocked off we stayed with Thato until the visiting hours were over and we were kicked out.

"Goodnight we love you" we kissed his cheeks and we headed out.

As I was pulling the door a bit closer to my body so I could close it I saw a familiar tall figure walking with Dr. S and for a moment I thought it was Shaka but it can't be... Why would he be here I just don't get it?

I looked clearly and yes I was right my eyes were not deceiving me it definitely is my new rude partner

"Mahle nangu!!" I spoke in a pitch-high noted voice.
Translation: Mahle there he is

I pinched her as I led her to Ntsangase by using my eyes

"Oh my...Is this 'the' Shaka Zulu? He is fine!" For a second she drooled over Zulu boy.

I nod they started walking towards our direction I'm guessing Dr. S is going to check on Tash.

Mahle insists that she wants to see and meet King Shaka up-close and personal.

"I thought you guys left a long time ago" Dr. S says "This is my older brother Mlungisi and Mlu this is Thando and Amahle." She introduces us to her brother; this woman is too kind for her own good if I had a brother like that I would've killed him long ago.

Mahle and Shaka greet each other and we just look directly into each other's eyes with no words exchanged.

Bedroom eyes no bedroom eyes?
Why am I even looking at whether his eyes are bedroom eyes or not. I need to be serious. Stop it Thando.

Well they are actually are but that is beside the point.

"Shaka is your brother wow just wow I wouldn't have thought a sweet woman like you had a brother like... Well as ignorant as he is he is truly ill mannered" I say making sure my eyes don't move from his

He sarcastically laughs and folds his arms. "Would you look at that? Who's the rude one again?" He asks sarcastically and I get annoyed and I click my tongue at this damn idiot.

"So he is the rude new partner from work and you're the uhm... Yeah makes sense." She says looking at her ugly doctor boots

"I'm the what??" I look directly at Shaka and he avoids me completely really now? What happened to the fierce Mr Ntsangase?

"I'd rather we don't go there." I can hear the irritation in his voice but I continue to provoke him regardless I want him to know that I don't fear him not at all.

"Enough. Enough!" Mahle scolds we both groan out of frustration and turn our faces away from each other

"Finally thank you Mahle. I'm checking on Thato and after that we're all going out for dinner." Sanele says and I instantly get annoyed I can't stand him and now I have to have dinner with him are you kidding me?

She does what she needs to do and we walk out of the hospital together in a group as one.

Someone please shoot me already.

The thought of spending so much time with Shaka just frustrates me and when I look over at Mahle she is overly excited.

We arrive at the restaurant and we have dinner not as bad as I expected. Shaka kept throwing shade and I so did I I know we were being childish but what the heck?
I mean the guy is too sexy for the way he acts like what the hell dude?

As the guy and maybe as a gentleman Shaka pays the bill and we say our goodbyes.

"I'll see you tomorrow Mntungwa" He says to me and he softly chuckles

"I truly wish I didn't have to hey." I click my tongue and this time he actually laughs at me and I can't help but laugh along with him.

"Would you look at that the 'meanies' are actually getting along." Sanele teases and we both shoot her with a death stare but we laugh regardless.

We hug each other farewell even Shaka and we went our separate ways.

As soon as I arrived home I showered and I hit the sheets.

I received a phone call from someone I wish I didn't have to see or hear from

Phone call convo
Me: Lehlohonolo
Nolo: My love I miss you
Me: Cut the crap would please I'm really tired
Nolo: Is Thato getting any better? I'm sorry for not showing up I truly am but we'll talk about this thing okay?
Me:No actually we won't Lehlohonolo I'm tired I'm so tired of you and your bullshit why do you always fuck up and I'm expected to run after you like some little child I truly don't get it
Nolo: I love you Thando I swear I do I'll explain this.

I click my tongue and hang up the phone I am so sick of him.
I'm tired of begging him to be honest with me and man up. Until he decides to grow up there's nothing happening between us.

I was exhausted from the day anyways so I just shut my eyes close and went off to lala land.


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