Chapter 10

Everyone is held at gunpoint I jump on top of him and I put my arm on his neck and Shaka points a gun on his forehead and he is scared I can tell by his body language his face says the opposite.

"Who are you?" He questions me with an angry face. "Some know me as the Merciless Queen." Shaka smiles a sly smile and I smirk.

"Welcome dude we're the couple." My partner says and I get off Agent 1355 and we help him up.

"How do I know you're not messing with me?" He questions. "Call Jonas and ask him" he smiles and he knows we're one.

"I can't believe I got the chance to meet the one and only Merciless Queen it's such an honour." I smile and I just can't believe it what an honour it is to me.
"The pleasure is mine you're so kind." We hug.

'Cough... cough' that's Shaka and we both laugh. "That's my wife dawg" he says with a straight face.

"Before we laugh and become friends tell me how do you know Mlungisi?" He asks with now smiles and once again it's tense. "I'm Mfanafuthi we were once on a mission together and we went through training together you told me how much potential I got" looks like a bell has been rang. "The girls at training used to call you Chocolate Hunk." I can't help but laugh and feel a bit jealous why do other women have to call him that?

"Hey that's my husband now and only I can call him that or any other sweet names like that." I say and they laugh at me.

"I remember you now I'm glad you're doing good for yourself man." Shongwe smiles and they shake hands.

"So I'll be your adviser on this mission and I'd like that you don't do anything without consulting me about it." I laugh and they look at me as if I'm crazy. "No something weird just came to mind but it's cool let's carry on." I smile.

"So I won't be living here with you" oh thank God. "I'll be leaving three houses away just so we can be close to each other just in case of emergencies" argh they brought us a babysitter really?

"So our mission begins tomorrow night you have been invited to a mask party that is being hosted by The Golden Bean" oh great just perfect. "This is the perfect opportunity to get to know him and befriend him" smart he just might be the perfect guy for the job.

"So this is what you have to do Bean studied Science in school that's why he is so good at what he does he designs his work himself." Argh he is using his resources in the wrong way.

"So?" Mr Ntsangase asks. "Your job is to act like you went to study with him" he says. "Bro I don't know jack about Science." I laugh at him poor guy

"Not you I'm talking to your Agent C10." Shongwe replies. "Okay I studied Science

I know almost everything I need to know to get to Biyase" he nods.

"You studied at Princeton University you were in the same class with him but you were always shy and never talked. He always inspired you..." I cut him off. "Bullshit." I say I would never be inspired by such a heartless man no matter how smart or intelligent he is. "It's just acting Tee." I nod with gritted teeth and an annoyed face.

"So you'll have praise his ass to get to him you have to praise him and make him feel like a god" I feel annoyed already. "We praise one God and he is not worth it." Shaka says with a pissed off voice and I agree definitely.

"I can give him all the compliments he wants but I'll never worship the ground he walks on." I say and Shaka nods. "See we are the one and only Merciless Queen and Inferno King and we bow down to no one but God." Shaka says and I am shaken like wow I didn't know he was the Inferno King.

I look at him with a lot of shock. "Really and I didn't know that?" He tries to brush me off and I stand my ground.

"Wow I'm with the greatest right now" we both chuckle. "The King and his Queen wait The Lord and his Lady." I smile as I play with my gun and he smirks "For sure" he winks at me and I smile.

"So guys tomorrow morning we're going to the main office to see the managers and then we've got training to attend" he tells us argh he is really bossy. "I'll send the schedule and we'll talk" we both nod

"Bye guys" he says his goodbyes and he leaves.

"Yes it's going to be just the two of us" I scream and he laughs at me like crazy.

"Let's get settled in then Inferno King the man of fire wow" he looks at me for a while before talking " I was going to tell you" he says.

"What stopped you?" I ask "I don't know but now you know." I say nothing

"So I want to go up and start preparing the house but I'm too lazy to go upstairs." I say and he picks me up and I won't say I didn't like it.

"I didn't mean it like that." I tell him. "All ladies like being picked up so let's go" we go upstairs and that's when we hit a dead end.

"So bedrooms?" I ask and he chuckles softly.
"You know what it's okay you can choose yours first." I offer.

" You go first as long as I have a bed I'm cool you should take the main bedroom" he offers and I smile and appreciate it. "Thank you"

"I'll start unpacking please bring up the bags." I say "I'll help you so we can finish up faster."


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