You'd think this adrenaline stops that with every mission and every risk I get used to having my life on the line and with having my life at risk every single day of my life but in fact that is not the case each time I go out on a mission I my bloods runs wild and my heart beats faster and louder. The adrenaline never stops.

The shots get louder and feel closer could I actually be losing it all right now am I leaving this world with no child no husband no life just regular old lonely workaholic Thando Mntungwa.

"C10 down! it's red it's red!" My partner calls out to warn me and I hear the worry in his voice.

I turn around to see if he is okay I feel a profound and irritable sting on my nose.

Shit I feel my body getting weak but I quickly recover and I kick this person on the stomach he falls down on his back. I strangle him and I shoot him on both legs to make sure he isn't able to get up and attack me again.

I quickly grab his guns; one from his back pocket and the other from his hand and I stride away from the guy two guys down.

"C10 I've fallen" I hear him yell I quickly run to his disposal by following the sound of his voice

"1735 don't fail me please" I cry out loudly I just want to cry at this point I feel my anger building up. This is my best friend he is all I have and I can't lose him no that just can't happen not now not ever.

I take my phone and I call the company

"Help I fucken need help agent 1735 has been badly injured hurry please!" I shout I want to make sure they hear me I am panicking I don't even know what to do with myself.

I've lost too much to lose him too. I keep praying and hoping that he will be okay.

"You're good calm down please don't give up on me" I plead and I try my best to keep calm and strong.

I remove my shirt and I put back on my bullet proof vest I take the shirt and put pressure on his most harmed body part which is his upper chest I feel the tears rolling down my face.

In the inside I'm praying that he lives he is terribly injured he has been shot in different places.

"I'm fai... failing" he softly speaks his voice is low and you can clearly hear that he is fully in pain. His breathing is low I can tell he is giving up; this could be his last words to me his last breath.

I cry even more; my eyes are pleading that he doesn't give up on him I can't lose my brother.

The paramedics arrive and they quickly take him into the ambulance and take him away his last breath.

I cry even more; my eyes are pleading that he doesn't give up on him I can't lose my brother.

The paramedics arrive and they quickly take him into the ambulance and take him away they offer to clean up my wounds but I quickly refuse there was no time to be doing all of that I just took an ice pack and walked towards my car.

I drove to the hospital in tears pleading and praying that God spare his life.

I mean this is my best friend my brother my partner I'll die without him and I can't imagine not having him in my life.

I call another friend of ours Amahle to let her know what has happened I now have to calm her down she's too sensitive when it comes to stuff like this she is not really in favour of our job she always reminds us how risky what we are doing is.

I arrive at the hospital and I get absolutely no answers which pisses me off even more. I see a doctor coming out of Thato's ward I waste no time and I hurry to him.

"Doc what's going on with my brother Thato?" I calmly ask and he just looks at me like some crazy ass woman and that annoys me like hell. He attempts to walk away and I get filled with rage because of his rude attitude.

I pull him closer by his medical coat and I bang him against the wall
"You better tell what the fuck is going on with my brother or else I will put you in a dark dirty shitty cell where the only thing you'll have as friends are fucken spiders" I threaten angrily through my teeth

His body shakes and he looks at me with fear in his eyes I don't move an inch I continue with my death glare.

"He's...he's stable I'm just not sure for how long though" he stutters

I push him against the wall once more and he falls down on his knees. I cuss under my breath.

Mahle runs in the halls crying and shouting like some mad woman she falls into my arms and I let her cry for like 5 minutes and instead of lessening the cries and sobs they get even louder which irritates me.

"Stand up and face me!" I instruct she looks pretty confused yet she complies.

"Mahle why are you crying?" I look at her straight in the eyes as she wipes the tears from her eyes and I do the same with mine.

"I want Thato to be okay I don't want to lose him Tee." Her sobs get softer this time.

"No no no! Do not be weak you are strong I need you to be strong and Thato needs you to be strong so chin up baby girl get down on your knees and say a flippen prayer!" I shout at her and she rolls her eyes I can tell that she is upset with me I know that I am being too hard on her but she to be strong. She goes down and starts praying and I do the same.

No matter what I know God got me and I know that no matter how dark my life is he is the light.

The doctor comes to us.
Doc: It seems bad
Mahle: Doc save him please I'm nothing without him doc please.
She falls on her knees and hugs his legs
Doc: I'll do my best


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