Don't rain on my parade

Author : Bokang

Genre :   Fiction

Description :  The One That Got Away"Summer after high school when we first metWe'd make out in your Mustang to RadioheadAnd on my 18th birthday we got matching tattoosUsed to steal your parents' liquor and climb to the roofTalk about our future like we had a clueNever planned that one day I'd be losing youIn another lifeI would be your girlWe'd keep all our promisesBe us against the worldIn another lifeI would make you staySo I don't have to sayYou were the one that got awayThe one that got awayI was June and you were my Johnny CashNever one without the other, we made a pactSometimes when I miss you I put those records onSomeone said you had your tattoo removedSaw you downtown singing the bluesIt's time to face the music, I'm no longer your museBut in another lifeI would be your girlWe'd keep all our promisesBe us against the world" Katty PerryI woke up panting all sweaty. It's this same dream everyday. I turned on the lights and walked outside. I opened the tap and washed my face. It's 4am in the morning and I could already hear taxis beeping outside. I took a bucket and went back inside. I didn't have enough electricity so cold water will have to do. It's already the end of the month yet I haven't got any notification of my salary. I opened my rusted tin bread and took out the almost spoiled bread and butter. I quickly ate then started cleaning around my small 5room house. When the clock struck 5:30am I was already outside waiting for my friend to fetch me. The old white Tazz stopped in front of me and I got in.Me: morning.Themba:you look grumpy.Me:I'm just tired.Themba:mmmhWe both arrived at work in time. I was working as an administrator at the department of education in Benoni. Everyone was happy except me of course. I'm not a morning person and everyone around me knows. But once I get settled in my work I will be good. Themba worked at SARS. It's in the building across the street. In case you are wondering, he isn't my boyfriend or anything close to that. We became friends when I was doing grade 9 and he was in grade 11. He asked me out and let him down and put him in the friendzone. We have been friends since then and I'm happy I never gave him that chance. Themba is a well known player, he is only 27 years old and already a father of 4with different women.My name is Fikile Khoza 25years old and a Tsonga dark beautiful woman. Yes I'm beautiful and I need nobody to tell me otherwise. I would like to think that I've done pretty well in my life considering my condition. It's been 10years since I last saw any of my family. My mother was 45years old when she got pregnant with me. It was because of a vasectomy gone wrong on my father's side. They didn't want to have any more children. My older brother Nhlamulo was 22 when I was born and my sister Tshegofatso was 20.My parents were done having kids and didn't believe in abortions. I remember when I was 5years old my mother had taken me out for ice cream. She said she was going to the toilet but she never came back. Unfortunately I never listened and when she didn't return and I was getting hungry I went around looking for her. It was getting late and that's how my nightmare began. I was taken by a man who promised to buy me food but he took me to his house and raped me, a 5year old girl. I know I shouldn't be remembering things from a young age but that day played like a movie in my dreams every day. When he was finished he dumped me in the big trash bin behind the mall. I was found by an old woman who was looking for boxes . I was taken to the police station and luckily there was a man who knew my brother so I was returned home.My parents were angry mostly because the police asked them why a case wasn't opened for a missing child. It didn't stop there. When I was 10 we took a church trip to Moria and they left me there again and like before I found my way home. The treatment changed and I was treated as a maid. I cooked, cleaned and did everything around the house. My siblings didn't care at all . When I was 17 I came back from school and found the house vacant. That morning my brother was very nice to me. He even drove me to school and gave me pocket money. He told me he would fetch me too but when it was getting late I decided to walk back only to find out they had left me. The maid from my neighbours house was the one who took me in. I found my things neatly packed in a suitcase and some in a black plastic bag. MaRadebe my saviour my mother. She took me back to her house in Daveyton and continued to pay my school fees at a private school in Benoni where I used to reside. When I turned 21 she passed away and didn't have any close family. She introduced me as her dead sister's daughter to our neighbours and her friends.When she died I was already in college doing my business administration course. I didn't have the money to finish that how I ended up working as a general office administrator.

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