The other end of the line

Author : Bokang

Genre :   Drama

Description :  The other end of the line.I looked at the papers and the man in front of me. I blinked a couple of times thinking it was all a dream. I looked at him and he looked indifferent like the first time I saw him. I know things were not okay but this I didn't expect. I wiped my tears and tried to gather the right word to say to him.Me:why are you doing this to me?He looked away and didn't answer me.Lawyer: are you satisfied with what you are getting?I looked at him.Me:were you there when he asked to marry me? He kept quiet so I continued. "Were you there when we got married?"Lawyer:mam please just sign.I looked at the man who promised to love me. The man who would move mountains and dry the sea for me. I was a fool to even think he a mere human would dry the sea.Me:you can keep everything I don't want anything from you.Sabelo:you deserve it.Me:I know. I signed the papers and walked away to our bedroom.I walked into the closet and moved all the dresses. There it was, the dress my stepmother gifted me for my wedding. She said it was the only thing I would leave this marriage with. Boy was she right. I guess I got too comfortable and forgot. Everyday I would look at this same dress and laugh. I also took out the brown shoes too and wore them. I looked like a 40years old woman wearing a brown and mustard ginger Mary dress. I laughed bitterly while looking at my reflection in the mirror.I went to his safe and took my important documents and the bank card and business card that had my mother's lawyers details. I took a look around the room and walked out. He was still sitting at the same spot and I had left him at. His mother walked out of the kitchen and started singing while clapping her hands like a madwoman. She never liked me and the feeling was mutual. Sabelo didn't even glance at me when I walked out.My name is Londeka Masuku . An ex wife to a well known business mogul Sabelo Zulu. I walked out of the long road leading out of the big estate. I called for an Uber and it drove me straight to the airport.Sabelo and I met in varsity. He didn't have friends on campus. People were scared of him because of his identity. He was the only child to Ellena and Smanga Zulu. His father is the first successful black man in South Africa. He died a year after Sabelo and I got married. His mother never liked me but he didn't care because he loved me. 3years into our marriage and I still couldn't conceived. The doctor said everything was fine with both Sabelo and I but we still couldn't get pregnant. Sabelo was fine with everything or so I thought. He actually made me believe he wasn't even ready to have his own kids. Till I overheard that conversation with his mother and pregnant mistress.There was a huge mystery in our marriage. And that is what I'm about to unpack about my life

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