Hold me closer

Author : Bokang

Genre :   Fiction

Description :  Prologue5years ago“Don't you dare do anything stupid or I will those stupid brothers of your” I nod with tears coming out. This is the third time. You can never get used to being raped ever.“Now suck me little princess and swallow”I held his big dick in my little hands and sucked him. After he came hu pushed me against the wall and spread my legs and entered me from behind, he fucked me so hard that when he was done I couldn't walk. This is basically my life whenever mom is on her period.*********I looked at my twin brothers as they fought for the adidas shoes I had bought for them. I bought two different colours since they don't like matching. I'm 19years now. Mom died when I was 16 leaving me and my twin brothers alone on this 6room house. Her family discarded us. I don't know who my father is, the twins father died when they were seven. That man was a good father to me. My twin brothers are 15 now. When mom died we survived on selling veggies from the big garden behind our house. Mom never cared about her kids even her own life. That boyfriend of his that used to rape me actually paid her. After James (the twins dad) died she gave up on life. We have an older sister too she is 24now I don't know where she is. When mom died she left going to her father's house she never came back.Well my father is white judging by how I look. I have long brown curly hair, blue eyes and light skin tone unlike my brothers. Mom had a body to die for hence she used it for money to help her drug addiction. I have a flat stomach, big firm round ass and small normal boobs.I had to become a mother at the age of 14 when my mother was busy in the street so taking care of the boys after she died was simple. I finished my matric and I passed well too. Unfortunately I had to work to bring food on the table. I have two jobs. I work as a hairdresser in a fancy salon in town during weekdays and from Thursday to Sunday at night I work as a waitress in fancy club it pays well plus with tips too. I managed to save up for a short trip on Christmas to Durban. I've already bought clothes and shoes for my brothers too. I know at their stage they will need things so I'm going to provide for them. I don't want them going around doing illegal things just to look good like their mates I know how tempting teenage life is. Worse when they reach adolescent stage.My name is Michelle nontle gumede. I'm 19 years of age. Allow me to take you through my journey of life.Thabo and thabang are the twins their father was Tswana.Insert one coming up

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