Her Redemption

Author : Bokang

Genre :   Fiction

Description :  Her Redemption.I heared the cars hoot as cold wind blew my unruly long hair all over my face. I knew i had to get up before someone saw me. I took the bag of new clothes and food on my back. I held my back pack in my hand then shoved the boxes away. I took up and looked around nobody saw me good. I joined the busy people walking up and down the busy streets of durban. Some either going or coming back to work. I got to the first kfc and went to the bathroom and tried to clean myself. I also changed my clothes and looked much better. I had shoplifted all these clothes and food. Thats just how i survive this cruel world. You wouldnt believe the qualifications i held yet nobody would hire me. Now i was homeless and pregnant. Ive been living on the streets for 5months now and im now 8months pregnant.Ive had a controlled mental illness since a very young age. At first the doctors thought i had bipolar but as time went it was dignosed as mood and personality disorder. They said it was caused by trauma, social isolation or loneliness. When my grandmother learned about what i had she isolated me and i was home schooled. Kept away from people and kids my age. when i was 16 my grandmother died and left me in care of my 22 year old aunt. She loved me like i was hers. She started working as a prostitude to give me a better life. I started on my medication then and also went yo the best private school that i did my matric when i was 17. She also took me to wits university and i did computer sciences for four years. Two weeks before my graduations she passed away from HIV. She had also revealed to me who my father was so i came to durban looking for him.He is a well known politician and talking to him was hard. He is married with two kids a boy and girl the girl is my age and the boy is 4years older. I trier by all means to contact him but never got to talk to him. When i finally found his address i waited for him by his house gate. The security had refused to let me in. It was late at night when his car finally drove in. The side of his window opened and asked who i was. I wasnt prepared for it but i just bluttered it out ."im your daughter Nkululeko ." He laughed so hard before telling me to leave and closed his window. When he drove in it started raining hard and the security chased me away and threatned to call the cops. I had no choice but to leave. On my way back to the station i was stopped by two young man who raped me. I woke up the following morning at some hospital . I also went back home in soweto. A month later i found out i was pregnant and told my then b.f themba. He mocked me and laughed about it to his friends. He denied the baby ofcourse he would do that since i told him about the rape. He had been my best friend my confidante but that fateful day i wiped him out of my hearts. "How do you know the baby is mine? No what if its mine and its born with worse mental illnesses than yours? " he said that out loud so his stupid friends could hear. That was the worst day of my life. I took a taxi from fourways back to soweto. When i arrived the furniture and everything else was outside. The man who were there told me the owner sold the house. Again that women took a home from me. She left when i was just 6months old and never looked back. I know she know she knows her mother and sister are gone thats why she sold the house. I had no choice but to return to durban and talk to my "father" this time i found the wife who poured me with cold water on a cold winter day. That is the short version of my misserable sad life.My name is Nkululeko Dlamini an orphan im 22 years old alone and pregnant.

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