Disallowed Blood

Author : Kyla Carlette

Genre :   Action

Description :  Skip to contentA Boy’s life changed after he was found guilty to a case charged against him . His jail life was not as good but because he was the most feared ,nothing stood his way…Now that his release is near will he live a normal life once again?Have you ever been denied by your own father, Well that was me .My own father would beat me after coming back from drinking.He’d literally throw his bottles at me and tell me how much of a useless son I am .I grew up keeping all that anger in me until i become my own cold hearted person .I am mostly known by Ice,yeah my cold heart allowed and loved that name ..Growing up, i taught myself how to fight back i wanted to revenge myself on my father...A lot has happened in my life and now its my TRIAL case of the murder of my father,yes i killed him and i show no remorse .I am Furie Colt ,welcome to my life story

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