Ruins of my heart

Author : Anovuyo Vundu

Genre :   Romance

Description :  SIPHILILE NTUSII'm sitting on the cold floor of my room, doors locked rocking myself back and forth. The voices in my head don't seem to stop. I look at my wrist and the broken mirror next to me, i push them away and let out a loud cry. It feels like i am walking in the night alone with the rain hiding my tears. It's like i'm walking in the dawn.The world asleep and dreaming while i'm awake dealing with these demons. It's like i have fallen into a deep abyss. Even when I try scrambling up the sides, it's no good whenever I try to get up an overwhelming feeling of nothingness pulled me back down again.Life is so long and i am aching for the end.••••••••HLOBISILE VUNDLA" Dali zikhon'inkomo kiniUzozenzani?Wenono wamiDali ngakunik'igqubhelaWenono wamiUzozenzani? "I was singing the song while busy cooking supper. uBaba will be home in no time and by the time he gets here fanele ngabe sengiqedile. I decided to cook uphuthu it's his favourite. A smile escapes my lips when I think of him. My father is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My mother left when i was three years old. My father says he came home one night and the house was empty. He found me lying unconsciously on the kitchen floor, she had given me panado to make me sleep. I wish i could say i don't need her but every child needs its mother. Baba loves and supports me but there are things that i cannot talk to him about. Things like how his best friend and colleague raped and molested me at the age of 12. Things like how i was gang raped by my school mates. These are things i should be talking about with her but she chose to leave. I don't want her back i'm more disappointed in her.NOZENZA NKABINDEAndiswa: You will not leave this house. Lungile awuyondoda kaloku wena. What kind of a man are you? A man who gets payed less than his wife. You are nothing to me. UnguZero kum uyandiva?Lungile: Can i pass? I'm late for work.Andiswa: What work? That truck driving job? You call that work? Why don't you ask me to hire you? I'm the CEO of Neil Lein remember?Lungile: Why do you always do this? Start unnecessary fights.Andiswa: My friends and i are going to a business dinner so you can't go to work.Lungile: I need to go to work Andiswa. I know ndamkela imali encinci kweyakho but please respect my job.Andiswa: Mxm khawusuke phambi kwam hesheheshe ndini. If you dare leave this house.She pushed him away and walked out, I saw tears in my father's eyes and my heart broke. He doesn't deserve this kind of treatment from my mother. Yes my father is s truck driver and my mother is a businesswoman. See my mother used to be a good person, she met my father when she had nothing. He took her to school and made her this person that she is today with the money he earned from the truck driving job. The same job that she is undermining today. This all started when i was doing grade 9. I don't know what went wrong but i used to have a happy family, full of love and support. Today i always sleep with tears. I always thought men abused women but this time it's the other way around. Day and night I watch my Dad being abused by my Mother.New story❤️

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