The other side of the coin

Author : Lirah Kay

Genre :   Fiction

Description :  PrologueThey labelled me as selfish, ruthless, narcissistic and loose. Well I can't really argue with them because all those words resembles the person I used to be. They forgot coward. Yes coward! To the world I appeared as a go getter and nothing seemed to deem my light in attempts to getting what I wanted, but they did not know I bled harder than they did.Wounds cut me deeper than they could have imagined.I thought I could handle the life I chose to live. That I can overcome any obstacle, but at night, my past haunted me. It tore my values and my sense of being.Yes I created this life. I choose it.I choose money instead of morality and these are the consequences I have to bare for the choices I took.All that glitters is not gold.Join me as I narrate my tales of being a slay queen.

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