Lady Avalah

Author : Lirah Kay stories

Genre :   Horror

Description :  From a young age Avalah knew she was the least favorite daughter, her mother made it distinctive that her twin sister Avalon and older sister Ashree are her favorites. Their mother thought she was carrying twins only to be surprised at the delivery room that she is actually pregnant with triplets, as she was busy pushing the babies out, the doctor and nurses focused on the twins thinking they are done with the delivery only for Avalah's mother to push her out when the doctor where not paying attention to her. In her defense she says she thought she was pushing the placenta out, and the doctor defended himself by saying the scan only showed two babies. Avalahs mom pushed and the baby hit the bed steel handle and made its way to the floor. The medical team was in total shock from what has transpired, in their total panic they all focused on Avalah leaving the twins unattended. Few hours later Avalah was breathing on her own but her head tilted more towards the left, they thought it will take shape as she grows up and sighed in relief that they saved little Avalahs life. They went back to check on the twins and found one of them passed away due to lack of oxygen. Its totaly clear that baby Avalanche passed away because of negligence but nobody from the medical team was held accountable till this day.The fall Avalah endured resulted in her becoming slow academically and a bit of deformity on her face, is not that overwhelming but it noticeable. This has caused her to be bullied as a child and her sisters and mom to be ashamed of her.

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