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My name is Thato Angela Mokoatle and I started writing poetry during my high school years and even now I'm still writing. I love writing long poems and short poems at times, what I love about creative writing it's because it somehow builds one character in viewing things.I've met different people who have different mentality of thinking and within those people, I've sticked with two who eventually became my supportive friends. I've learned so much about how life is and what am I gonna face along the way. What I'm trying to say is, we all have friends by not all of them will encourage you to do good things in life. In other words, we all know that not all friends will wish you to have good things in life but you need to be brave and believe in yourself and in God that new things will come my way with or without my friends.Through my writing, that's where I express my feelings and my thoughts and again I've seen so many people be touched just because of what I write. I believe that through my writing people won't lose hope but they'll be encouraged seeing that we all pass through difficult stages in life and none is perfect, we all do mistakes in life but yet we still get a chance to live.That's how I've regained bravery and that's how my character was build. I'd say, I grew up lacking self-esteem to a point where I couldn't even take myself seriously but then life happed. I got new friends who make sure that my self character is strong and I won't fear anything and again I'll always stand up for myself because if I'm not then no one will do.Therefore, self character is very important.

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