Author : Thembelihle Nkosi

Genre :   True Story

Description :  When Allesia Cara said:"She just wants to be beautifulShe goes unnoticed, she knows no limitsShe craves attention, she praises an imageShe prays to be sculpted by the sculptorOh, she don't see the light that's shiningDeeper than the eyes can find itMaybe we have made her blindSo she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away'Cause cover girls don't cry after their face is madeBut there's a hope that's waiting for you in the darkYou should know you're beautiful just the way you areAnd you don't have to change a thing, the world could change its heartNo scars to your beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful.."On her Scars to your beautiful song. It made me question what do we mean when we say scars are stars?Well here's the definition I found in Rick's Barefoot Christianity book. He said:'"Scars can be painful, what I mean is that scars can be ultimately be full of pain, even after the incident occurs.Scars don't solve, they usually are prone to bring more questions to the surface. Scars don't resolve,they often offer more confusion and the questions begin to follow.Why me?Why not him or her, or them?Or even why, just why why?What offen happens is that a scar or event can become a part of our physical, spiritual, mental or emotional make up. We let this tragic event in so much that it becomes part of us. That ugly event, the moment of hurt is now part of you.I love the phrase" light of the world". I do however think it is a little lost on this society.The light of the world isn't a lump.What is it that lights up the world? STARS.Stars light up the natural sky and the world around us. Stars would have been the light of world.Stars are made from gaseous explosion and collisions of element. What we are looking at are the bruises of the universe. We are gazing at the travail of the world around us.Stars are Scars of the universe, a result of that something that couldn't make it, couldn't contain itself, so it combusted. Stars are the wound of the world's.Just as these stars surround us, I bet you have some scars of which are physical, emotional, spiritual and mental."My arms are filled with visual reminder of the physical pain I inflicted on myself in my teen years. Over 12 years later, they are still there for the world to see.I used to cover my arms, be ashamed but how I have a beautiful story of triumph and overcoming to tell. My scars contribute to my beauty.You and the wounds you carry are very much like those stars that we stare at. I challenge that we think twice about the way we look at our own scars. There can indeed be a beauty in devastation.We don't look at these stars in the universe and how tragic how they are, how bruised they are even though that is what they are, but we look at them and speak of the beauty they contain, the inspiration they give us.Even though stars are the scars of the universe, we don't see them as broken pieces of gaseous matters. We see them as these majestic astrological blessings that give hope to billions.My name is Makhosazana Ndlovu, a lady who's spirit was broken and snatched from her body at a very young age. I grew up with so much anger in me that the only thing that brought me peace was reading novels and painting...Allow me to narrate how everything started going wrong and how I discovered my sanity and how my scars became the stars in my life...

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