Author : Thembelihle Nkosi

Genre :   Drama

Description :  They normally say that 90% of women out there are sharing a man, whether knowingly or secretly. It is sad really the way we have been subjected to abuse, lies, cheating and tolerated it. Growing up i vowed to never allow such to happen to me, I vowed to walk away the first time a man pull such stunt on me. But what happens when the person who destroys your home and happiness is your own flesh and blood? Your own ride or die, your own sister? Stick around as I narrate how my happy home turned up side down by the person I assumed would die for me. I am Sizakele Mkhize Jones and this is my story.A brief description about me, I am 25 years PR graduate but turned house wife because my husband believed he can double up my salary. I am married to Arthur jones who is 31 years old and run his own medical practice and a pharmacy on the side that is managed by my elder sister Kelly Mkhize who is 28 years old.

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