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I can describe myself as someone who isn't much vocal, I sometimes fail to express myself. Rather give me a pen and paper and I'll find comfort in expressing myself with full potent and depth. I'm not really an outgoing person but an introvert. Who's normalized caging herself in, I believe it goes along with the way I was raised... but we'll get to that part.I've found writing as a good platform to showcase my emotions, life experiences, aspirations and making sure that I write what will somehow inspire or educate someone out there.Writing has always been my passion, I come very far with writing. I remember starting off at school when I was introduced to dialogues I fell inlove with dialogues. As a child who was raised to be always indoors and not given permission to play outside. I adapted into playing alone and talking to myself, that's where I think I've earned myself creativity.At school they used to tell us how to make use of writing everything about our feelings when happy, sad or angry. I paid attention to that and it is exactly what I did and later became a regular thing for me and my comfort place.When alone I'd go back and read all scribbles I wrote and actually laugh at myself and my thoughts when angry, sad or hurt.For me I've found happiness in that. That's how my first love in writing developed. There also came a time where I found myself in a dark place and neglected most of the things I was good at. But thanks to certain inspiring authors who with their talents, managed dragging me out of that place and actually revived my love back. I believe that's all I can say about myself, I hope my work will speak for itself.Thanks for sparing your time. Hope you'll enjoy.

Usbali: My sister in-law



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